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DxRAD(Digital X-ray Radiography Auto decipher)

It is important to isolate as soon as possible if patients take an infectious disease such as tuberculosis. But over 70% of hospital doesn’t have radiogical technologists or not enough, so if patients take a chest x-ray, it will take a long time to get their result. This product is medical device based on AI for check chest X-ray automatically.
After take a chest x-ray, patients are taking their result quickly and also if patient have disease, it will make a warning sounds to let them know.

The advantage of our products is that DxRAD can read automatically because it is based on AI. So our target customers are small hospitals, hospitals without radiologists, and mobile check-ups. A system that doctors used to read one by one before, but right now, there is an advantage of getting results right away after filming.
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